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Financial Alchemy is an Introduction and Intermediary service but we will assist customers with additional business services for specific needs.  Our goal is to offer an unbiased service regarding the acquisition and liquidation of commercial businesses.” 

In addition to this, we assist businesses in the commodities fields with establishing and locating corporate soft offers for contract, linking for joint venture and outright acquisition in the mining and agricultural business.  Contact us by email for a monthly project listing of offers for current contract offers and acquisitions.

As stated before, we assist companies worldwide. We are currently are involved in or researching projects in the following countries, Origin India, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa. We are speaking to and adding more contacts in more countries every week.

W e will assist individual customers with additional business services for specific needs. 

These additional services can include ;

Business valuation 

Due Diligence 

Business Plan assistance   

Financial Alchemy also offers customers an option for contract services.  Financial Alchemy will charge a flat fee for our services for a period of six months with this being extended to 12 months. We offer this as majority our clients have already been looking or advertised for more than three months. Six months gives optimal time to locate the exact product our customers seek.    

For more information about one of these services, email Mr. Foster at:

Email: financial_alchemy@yahoo.com   or  anthony@financialalchemy.org